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My name is Kevin.  I have degrees in Biblical Studies from Milligan College (undergrad) and Asbury Theological Seminary (graduate).  I am extremely grateful for the excellent professors I sat under in these institutions, and the many more theologians and streams of thought I was introduced to through them.  My education informs much of the way I think, though ironically it does not inform much of what I do day to day.  Now I am in business, and trying to learn a bit each day about that entirely new and different world.  So this blog is an opportunity to reflect and comment on some things I don’t get to think about much in my work life.

This blog is intended, at least at its outset, to be a collection of thoughts about God and life.  Specifically I want to focus on issues within culture and the Church and how they intersect with who God is.  Hence “the intersecting.”  God is always at work, and is not opposed to culture but at work within it.  However, as we see in Jesus’ life he is often eager to speak a strong, prophetic, corrective word to culture and, even more often, to us.  I hope these words are some combination of encouraging, challenging, thought-provoking, interesting, helpful, and hopeful.  Peace to you.

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